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This project is a school-project, the three of us needed to make a java program (or SmallTalk, because our teacher really loves that language (OBJECTS, OBJECTS, OBJECTS)). This program should contain some sort of connection over a network, we decided to make a game and soon one of us mentioned Tunneler. He had played that game back in the old days and he like it, so he seeked (and found) the original game on the internet and he showed it to us. We then decided we were going to make a game resembling Tunneler, only we would add network-support. Then we had to make some other decitions (will we use Sockets, JAVA RMI or CORBA, how would we implement the game, which classes did we need, etc, etc). We thought those thing over and we chose CORBA quite fast, because we were familiar with it. We also made a complete design in Rational Rose which will be added to this web-site later (when I've got some time left).

The source is no longer here, you'll have to download it from the CVS-server. If you want to know how to download the source with anonymous CVS, please visit our project page. The module you should get is named "pre-1.0" (with out the quotes).
Our project is located at

Well, that's about it, if you've got some questions (about this project) just email me at

By the way, sorry for the poor website design, I'll adjust this later on (again, when I've got some time left).
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